Two Honda Vehicles Top Best Back-to-School Cars

Ready or not, August is the time when students of all ages all over the country finally get themselves back into school, and that means we here at Kendall Honda of Eugene get to help some families explore the idea of a new car. College students in particular very often enter into a new school year with the realization that they are going to need some wheels, whether that be to commute to campus from…
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Big Updates Coming for 2016 Honda Accord

To the untrained eye, a picture of the 2016 Honda Accord might look exactly like the current 2015 model year version of the vehicle, but that doesn't mean that there won't be a lot of exciting updates in the new iteration of the best-selling vehicle that Honda currently sells. Based on its popularity, Honda probably could just leave it alone and still have a very popular product, but that's not the way…
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2015 Honda CR-V Among Best in Value Retention

It's never fun heading into the purchase of a new vehicle only to find out that your trade-in is worth a whole lot less than you thought it was going to be worth, but at least when it comes to Honda cars, consumers can rest assured that their vehicles will maintain as much of their original value as possible.

The 2015 Honda CR-V, as a matter of a fact, is exceptional in its ability…
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2015 Honda CR-V, Accord Among Most Comfortable

When a consumer wants to purchase the most comfortable vehicle that money can buy, it makes sense that they would start with the most expensive vehicles on the market, mostly because we've all been raised to believe that more money means more quality. This isn't always the case, however, as there are plenty of autos these days that provide elite comfort and drive quality for extremely reasonable prices. In fact, there are so…
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2015 Honda Accord Among Best in Class for Safety

Of all the reasons a person would purchase a 2015 Honda Accord, safety is perhaps one of the most underrated of them. Yes, people want to be safe when they're driving their vehicles, but very often they're more concerned about technology or aesthetics or horsepower or even fuel efficiency. Safety just isn't the most important thing for all of our customers, but the fact that the Accord is one of the most popular family-oriented midsize sedans in the industry means that safety really is important, which is why it's so wonderful that this vehicle is among…
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Kendall Honda Offers Great Trade-In Value Tool

The internet has completely changed the way that people buy cars, mostly in terms of the information they have available to them during the price negotiation process. The friendly sales team at Kendall Honda of Eugene, for example, have a great online tool that allows our customers to gauge the value of their trade-in vehicles. This allows them to understand just how much of their new car, truck or SUV can be paid off by trading in their current vehicles, and in terms of both budget and understanding how much car they can afford, that can be an invaluable bit…
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New 2016 Honda HR-V Arriving at Dealerships This Month

When a vehicle like the Honda Accord or Honda CR-V is given a generational upgrade, fans of the brand get really, really excited, but only one thing can fire up a Honda enthusiast more than a redesign: a completely new Honda vehicle.

That is why the all-new 2016 Honda HR-V has generated so much buzz over the course of the last few months; when a best-selling automaker like Honda tries something new, that new thing tends to garner a lot of attention. Well, we're finally very close to being able to afford our customers the opportunity to actually see…
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