Trade-In Value

trade-in valueCar Appraisal in Eugene

Come to Kendall Honda, where we buy used cars and offer free car appraisals. You can also calculate your used car value using the trade-in value form on this page. Visit our Honda Finance Center for more options, like an application for a Eugene car loan. You can also visit our sales team in person at our Eugene Honda dealership located near Cottage Grove, Florence, and Junction City at 846 Goodpasture Island Rd. Eugene, Oregon 97401. While you’re here, shop our inventory of new Honda cars and wide variety of used cars in Eugene and test drive the Honda Pilot or Honda CR-V. Even if you decide to not purchase a car or SUV from us, we buy used cars and want to purchase your current vehicle. We will be happy to cut you a check for your used car’s fair trade-in value in Eugene. Hassle-free and fast, we buy used cars, so you can get full service at one Honda dealer.

How the Used Car Valuation Works

Calculate used car values and get set up for a free car appraisal by filling out the convenient form located on this page. Provide us with the year, make, model, and trim level of your current vehicle as well as your zip code. Then enter the interior and exterior colors and list of additional features. Next, include your vehicle’s mileage and tell us the condition of your used car. Is it outstanding, clean, average, rough, or damaged? There are short descriptions of each to help you pick the right condition. Finally, provide us with your name with your phone number and/or email address so that we can give you the true market value of your vehicle and contact you about a free auto appraisal. If you’re looking to buy a new or used car, enter the vehicle you’re shopping for and we’ll get a head start rounding it up for you.

One of our appraisal experts from Kendall Honda will contact you via your provided contact method and request to set up an appointment for a no-obligation appraisal of your vehicle. They will walk you through the used car valuation process and provide you with detailed information so that you can make an informed decision about selling your vehicle to another party or to a trusted dealership like Kendall Honda. We can also provide you with true market value comparisons from used car price guides Edmunds, KBB, and NADA.

Honda Finance

In the event that your vehicle isn’t paid off in full, Kendall Honda can still work with you and provide you with options. Our appraisal experts will determine if your car is worth more than the balance due on your current loan and suggest what to do if it is.

We appreciate your patronage and the time it took for you to calculate used car values and set up free car appraisals at Kendall Honda. We would love to buy your used car and get you out of the old and into the new. Come see us soon at Kendall Honda. Let’s start something great!